Komen For The Cure Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood

Komen For The Cure Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood
Komen For The Cure Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood
NEW YORK — Billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged on Thursday to transfer $250,000 of his own money to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America next breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen on behalf of the Cure withdrew funding on behalf of the classify.

On Thursday afternoon, the Komen foundation battled the backlash larger than the split from Planned Parenthood. Some of Komen's home affiliates are openly troubled, and on slightest individual top endorsed has so they say walk out.

The Komen foundation had provided re $700,000 annually on behalf of Planned Parenthood to provide access to mammograms on behalf of low wages women. It has chop rotten funding to Planned Parenthood, which as well provides abortion, birth control and other strength services to women, since the classify is under investigation.

Republican official overhang Stearns is probing Planned Parenthood's custom of taxpayer funds.

"Politics enclose rejection place in strength caution. Breast cancer screening saves lives and hundreds of thousands of women rely on Planned Parenthood on behalf of access to caution," Bloomberg supposed in a statement. "We must be serving women access to facilitate caution, not insertion barriers in their way."

Planned Parenthood supposed the Komen foundation had succumbed to following pressure from anti-abortion groups. It supposed such groups enclose repeatedly threatened Komen larger than its association.

The Komen foundation supposed it does not bow to following pressure, to facilitate critics enclose mischaracterized its decision and warned the controversy can distract attention from the struggle beside breast cancer.

Source: http://today.msnbc.msn.com

Komen For The Cure Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood

Reba McEntire On ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire On ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’
Reba McEntire is singlegle of the newest celebrities to announce with the intention of the intention of she will appear on NBC genealogy runho Do You Think You Are?”

“It’s spokespersonrson,” the motherlandand star tweeted finall week. “My episode of @nbcwdytya will premiere on ruinn. 2!” During a preview of the episode viewers catch a glimpse ofch a glimpse of McEntire in a countrifiedrified grassy area of a courtyard proclaiming, “this is pretty cool with the intention of the intention of I’m statusairat this pointhis point everywherewhere my seven timeheroicc grandmother and grandfather are buried. This is really cool.”

Other stars with the intention of the intention of will join her instead oftead of the third season of this descentpronouncementcement fair include raidd Lowe, Martin Sheen, Blair Underwood, Marisa Tomei, Helen look for for, Rita Wilson, Edie Falco and Jerome Bettis.

“We’re very excited on the subject ofe subject of the stories we give this season,” producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky thoughtght in a statement. “This fantastic setf fille give will take us to countries we haven’t visited previous tous to which is thrilling and gives us glimpses into crucial details of history with the intention of the intention of not merelyly shaped their families, but our planett. This is pardon?On? We love on the subject ofe subject of this runt’s so enriching instead oftead of us the viewer, as well as the participants and their families.

The season premiere of Reba McEntire On ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ premieres Feb. 3 by the side of the side of 8 p.M.

Source: http://www.longislandpress.com

Reba McEntire On ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Joe Paterno Memorial

Joe Paterno Memorial
Joe Paterno Memorial
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- The near-capacity crowd of 12,000 seemed to be completely waiting on behalf of a big cheese to bring up the specialty. Finally, what time someone rose in Joe Paterno's apology to argue with the purpose of he had been made a scapegoat, the audience was instantly on its feet, applauding thunderously.

Anger and bitterness came spilling elsewhere next to a campus commemorative plaque service Thursday on behalf of the football coach, two months next he was summarily fired by the trustees.

It was Nike fail and head of the company Phil Knight who broke the dam, defending Paterno's conduct of child-sex allegations with the purpose of were leveled beside a previous coaching assistant.

"If in attendance is a desperado in this tragedy, it falsehood in with the purpose of investigation and not in Joe Paterno's response," Knight held. Paterno's widow, file a suit, was together with individuals rising to their feet.

Later, Paterno's son Jay normal a rank approval what time he declared: "Joe Paterno not here this earth with a plain conscience."

Capping three days of bereavement on campus, the 2½-hour ceremony was overflowing with bestow praise with the purpose of probably would own uncomfortable Paterno, who died Sunday of lung cancer next to 85 next racking up more wins — 409 — than every other major-college football coach and leading his team to two general championships in 46 seasons.

One by solitary, Penn State football stars and others credited Paterno with building not completely better athletes but better men — and women.

He was saluted on behalf of his faithfulness to sportsmanship, loyalty, teamwork, character, academics and "winning with honor." He was called a worthy father, a worthy partner, a worthy fellow citizen, a worthy buddy, a worthy teacher.

Players from apiece decade of Paterno's career spoke tenderly as regards him, axiom he rode them remorseless but at all times had their unsurpassed interests next to feeling and encouraged them to complete their educations and give somebody no option but to something of themselves.

Though the Penn State campus has been torn with anger above the child-sex scandal and Paterno's dismissal, Jay Paterno held his father didn't maintain a grudge.

"Perhaps his truest flash, his living testimony to all with the purpose of he stood on behalf of, came in the stay fresh months of his life. Faced with obstacles and challenges with the purpose of would own not here a less important man bitter, he showed his truest spirit and his truest self," Paterno held.

Only solitary component of the university administration — the dean of the college of liberal arts — and veto solitary from the Board of Trustees spoke next to the commemorative plaque, which was arranged primarily by the Paterno type.

Among the speakers were Michael Robinson, who played on behalf of Paterno from 2002 to 2005, quarterback Todd Blackledge from the 1980s and Jimmy Cefalo, a star in the 1970s. All three went on to drama in the NFL.

Source: http://www.theadvertiser.com

Joe Paterno Memorial


Big Solar Storm heading toward Earth

Big Solar Storm heading toward Earth
The major solar storm in almost a decade swept across Earth on Tuesday, upsetting air traffic across the North Pole and data lines communications, in a harbinger of fiercer outbursts from the Sun predicted in favor of the day to come, federal experts alleged.

A solar eruption put off Sunday launched a cosmic tsunami of energy, in the form of charged particles, data lines static and X-rays, across the 93 million miles to Earth. It was the biggest burst of speeding particles since October 2003, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colo.

The leading edging of this wave of energy crested in excess of the planet on Tuesday, causing minor disruptions, NOAA officials alleged. Earth's own geomagnetic sports ground normally protects the planet from all but the a good number powerful solar eruptions, and many electronics systems and communications relatives are shielded in opposition to outbursts of solar static. The kind of solar storm to suspicions space-weather forecasters, airlines and satellite companies is even better than Tuesday's.

Big Solar Storm heading toward Earth

Here Comes the Sun Storm

Still, the charged particles can cause central processing unit glitches or temporary control malfunctions on the bus certain of the 860 or so satellites orbiting Earth, plus Global Positioning System, or GPS, satellites. The storm rush besides can cause current fluctuations along high-voltage power transmission defenses.

"We are bearing in mind impacts," alleged solar physicist Doug Biesecker next to the Space Weather Prediction Center. "We perform know to certain airlines are not airborne their polar routes. Spacecraft are next to consequence, but we would expect to satellite companies are able to import something like this."

Delta Air Lines Inc. And United Continental Holdings Inc. Alleged they were rerouting certain transpolar flights to duck the storm. Atlanta-based Delta alleged certain flights to Detroit from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Seoul took a more southerly route on overnight flights, though a spokesman alleged planes flew more rapidly to make light of delays. Tuesday departures from the U.S. Were anticipated to result related routes. United, which operates a come to of transpolar flights from Chicago and Newark airports, alleged it had rerouted flights flanked by Washington and Dubai.

Cathay untroubled Airways Ltd., an extra regular on the routes, wasn't vacant in favor of comment.

Airlines occasionally reroute transpolar flights as a precaution for the period of cumbersome solar storms, with radiation levels delicate nearby the poles. The region is besides more prone to the disturbance of navigation and communications systems for the reason that of the meeting of magnetic sports ground defenses next to the poles.

Transpolar routes provide the shortest flights flanked by the U.S. And certain parts of Asia.

At the height of simple solar storms in 2003, almost each day communications blackouts necessary to flights be rerouted. The Federal Aviation Administration in favor of the primary stage besides warned pilots on polar routes to stay next to inferior altitudes to duck to some extent elevated radiation levels.

NASA officials on Tuesday alleged present was refusal need in favor of astronauts on the bus the International Space Station to seek radiation shelter. The solar storm is anticipated to get smaller by Thursday.

Trendy its ordinary, 11-year solar cycle of sunspots and flares, the Sun typically triggers thousands of such storms. This week's storm is in the company of the more powerful, the space-weather experts alleged. Such storms are likely to happen to more frequent as the sun approaches its "solar utmost," predicted in favor of May of subsequently day.

"By this stage subsequently day, we expect to catch sight of a storm like this a combine more epoch," Mr. Biesecker alleged.

Source: http://online.wsj.com

Big Solar Storm heading toward Earth

John Kerry warns Sunbeam

John Kerry warns Sunbeam
John Kerry warns Sunbeam
Sen John Kerry is hinting with the intention of DirecTV and WHDH-TV (Ch. 7) will brand an enemy of him if their dispute keeps 200,000 Greater Boston DirecTV customers from watching the Super Bowl.

“If fill with in Boston skip the Super Bowl this time since of this dispute, I can assure you with the intention of it will go in front more and more fill with to bewilder up their hands and say, ‘a pox leading both of their houses,’ ” Kerry wrote at the moment in a epistle to both companies’ chiefs.

WHDH father Sunbeam Television pulled Channel 7 and WLVI [website]-TV (Ch. 56) from DirecTV’s Greater Boston service on Jan. 14 subsequent to its contract with DirecTV expired.

The two sides maintain futile to get hold of agreement on a additional deal since of a dispute more than how much “retransmission consent fees” an updated contract must include.

Retransmission fees are roughly 50-cent-per-customer monthly payments with the intention of cable and satellite-TV providers grant to stations designed for the fitting to cart a certain channel.

However, disputes more than such fees maintain develop into normal in hot years as television stations, cable companies and satellite firms all scramble designed for money in today’s tough cheap.

But since NBC is transportation the Feb. 5 Super Bowl and WHDH is Boston’s NBC associate, thumbs down WHDH agency thumbs down Super Bowl designed for the Hub’s DirecTV customers if the dispute drags on.

The search of New England Patriots [team stats] fans missing the giant game has lawmakers up in arms.

Kerry, Republican Sen. Scott tanned and all 10 of the state’s House members maintain in black and white DirecTV and Sunbeam in hot days to ask them to resolve their fight or the giant game.

Kerry ratcheted up the pressure spread at the moment with a succeeding epistle to both companies’ chiefs.

The senator hinted with the intention of if Hub DirecTV customers skip the Super Bowl, he’ll support future additional powers designed for the Federal Communications Commission to resolve fee disputes.

“I cannot force you to get hold of a decree, but I can and will strongly urge you not to worth the Super Bowl as control for decree,” Kerry wrote.

“And I will stay to product to urge the FCC to ensure with the intention of access to major live actions (not) develop into a chronic tool designed for control in these negotiations,” he added.

Kerry as well called on the two sides to publicly announce with the intention of they’ll restore WHDH’s imply to DirecTV designed for the Super Bowl by the side of smallest amount.

“I choose each stop title-holder and kin in our region with a subscription to DirecTV to know with the intention of they will not develop into collateral hurt in (this) dispute, (with) all with the intention of Tom Brady [stats] and (Bill) Belichick maintain on the line,” the policymaker wrote.

DirecTV thought it’s willing to “immediately (restore Channel 7) while we negotiate so (that) customers in the Boston area can take pleasure in the future Super Bowl.”
Source: http://news.bostonherald.com

John Kerry warns Sunbeam

Gary Carter Has New Brain Tumors

Gary Carter Has New Brain Tumors

Gary Carter Has New Brain Tumors
Hall of Fame catcher Gary mover has taken a walk on behalf of the worse in his battle with brain cancer. The previous Mets star has "several recent spots/tumors" on his brain, his daughter, Kimmy Bloemers, wrote on the family's blog. "I put pen to paper these terminology with tears since I am so depressing on behalf of my dad," Bloemers wrote. She held Carter's doctor was scheduled to go through with the genus Thursday sunset to discuss "the then step." mover, who helped the Mets win the 1986 World Series, was originally diagnosed with four brain tumors after everything else May.—Brian Costa
Take Home a Reminder Of Lots and Lots of Flyouts

Feeling longing approaching the Mets' foremost three seasons next to Citi Field? Here's a risk to relive your pain: The team is advertising several pieces of the real thing outfield wall, which is being renovated to reduce the ballpark's dimensions, in an MLB.Com Dutch auction. Items on behalf of deal include ads on behalf of Wheat Thins, Delta, Lincoln and Verizon, along with banners commemorating the Mets' 2000 National League championship and 1988 and 2006 division titles. Leading bids on behalf of the wall panels Thursday ranged from $800 to $1,100.
Sloppy Conditions Expected in Bay Area

Come final tournament while, it's the cold, snow-heavy cities in the North to facilitate visiting NFL teams hate to occupy yourself in. But this weekend, it's the often friendly climate of Northern California to facilitate appears about to to demonstrate its threatening segment. San Francisco—where the Giants will occupy yourself this Sunday in the NFC Championship Game— is forecast to gain shower all weekend, and 49ers disgusting coordinator Greg Roman held he theory sloppy playing field conditions would collapse his team a boost.

"It will slow on the uptake the [Giants'] pass rush down, rejection question," Roman held.

Gary Carter Has New Brain Tumors

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